Terms & Conditions

Corporate Business Valuations (CBV) provides users with an indicative business appraisal based on market experience. The calculation provides a range of potential price points based on the basic information provided by the user.

This report is prepared for the specific purpose of appraising a business. The preliminary or indicative report provided does not constitute a formal valuation. This is a calculation engagement only under APES 225: Valuation Services. It is intended to provide an appraisal of a business on a ‘Cash Free, Debt Free’ basis. Accordingly it excludes any cash included in the business or any debt in the business entity. The Enterprise Value is also before any tax payable and transaction costs where applicable.

The report should not be relied on and further advice should be sought before acting on the information provided. There is no singular method of appraising a business and the calculation used is based on experience and an anticipated market value. CBV does not take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information provided.

To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept liability for any loss or damage, which any person may suffer arising from any negligence on our part. No person should rely on this report without having an audit or review conducted. Our procedures do not include verification or validation procedures. No audit or review has been performed and accordingly no assurance is expressed.

Neither Corporate Business Valuations, its affiliates, nor any member or employee of these organisations undertakes any responsibility or accepts liability in any way whatsoever to any person in respect of this report including any errors or omissions however caused.